Chrome will soon be able to warn you when an online form isn't secure

Chrome's slated to get a big update to version 86 later this year, most likely in October, and it's shaping up to add a swathe of small new features, most of which are so far sounding fairly sound and useful.

Another has been detailed by the Chrome team on a blog post, and should help people feel a little more confident and/or wary when they're preparing to fill out their personal information through an online form. 

The issue it's tackling is when sites that have HTTPS security still use forms that themselves don't meet that standard, which makes the forms, if not the rest of the website, susceptible to security breaches. 

At the moment such a mixed HTTPS service will just mean the lock icon in the address bar disappears on a relevant site, but Google thinks that's a little too broad and vague, so is changing how it handles these forms.

For one, there'll be no autofill options, while you'll also get the below visual warnings as you actually move to fill in the form, which make it pretty clear that you're taking a bit of a risk by doing so. 

Google's clearly hoping that this encourages those running sites to move fully over to HTTPS, including any forms they have available, and you'd have to imagine this is the sort of move that'll work on that front. 

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