AU Lottery Results App: Unlocking a World of Lottery Opportunities with Enhanced Features

More About AU Lotto (Australia's official lotteries App) We Get All the Information In Australian National Lottery website brings you all the latest results from Australia's favorite lottery games, including Powerball, Oz Lotto, Saturday Lotto, Monday and Wednesday Lotto, and many more. There’s a game to be played every day of the week and you can find play guides, prize tables, and information right here.


In the fast-paced world of lottery enthusiasts, staying updated with the latest results and managing your favorite lotteries can be a challenging task. Thankfully, the AU Lottery Results App, developed by Fab App Solutions (PVT) LTD, offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your lottery experience. This feature-rich application not only provides accurate and timely lottery results but also includes a range of facilities that cater to the diverse needs of users.

  1. Lottery Results Website Integration:

    One of the standout features of the AU Lottery Results App is its seamless integration with a dedicated lottery results website. Users can now access detailed and up-to-date information on various lotteries directly through the app, ensuring a one-stop solution for all their lottery-related needs.

  2. Lottery A-Z Sort:

    To enhance user convenience, the app allows lotteries to be sorted alphabetically. This intuitive feature simplifies navigation and makes it effortless for users to find and track their preferred lotteries with just a few taps.

  3. Delete Any Lottery Results Site:

    The AU Lottery Results App provides users with the flexibility to customize their experience. Users can delete any unwanted lottery results site, tailoring the app to suit their preferences and ensuring a clutter-free interface.

  4. Favorite List:

    Managing favorite lotteries is made easy with the app's built-in Favorite List feature. Users can curate a personalized list of preferred lotteries, ensuring quick access to the results that matter most to them.

  5. Open with Favorite List:

    The app offers a unique functionality that allows users to set their favorite list as the default view. This means that every time the app is opened, users are greeted with the lottery results they care about the most.

  6. Reset and Default Option:

    For users who wish to start afresh or revert to default settings, the app provides a reset option. This ensures that users can customize their experience without any reservations, maintaining the app's user-friendly nature.

  7. Social Media Sharing:

    Sharing lottery results with friends and family is made simple with the AU Lottery Results App. Users can easily share results on various social media platforms, spreading the excitement and potentially creating a community of fellow lottery enthusiasts.

  8. Refresh News Site:

    Stay informed with the latest updates by refreshing the news site directly within the app. This ensures that users are always in the loop with the most recent lottery results, announcements, and news.

Available Lottery Results:

  • Monday Lotto
  • Oz Lotto
  • Wednesday Lotto
  • Powerball
  • Saturday Lotto
  • Set for Life
  • Super 66
  • The Pools

App Details:

  • Released on: Jun 5, 2019
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Updated on: Dec 15, 2023
  • Offered by: Fab App Solutions (PVT) LTD
  • Download Size: 6 MB
  • Download Link: AU Lottery Results App
  • Target Country: Australia


The AU Lottery Results App stands as a testament to Fab App Solutions' commitment to providing a user-friendly and feature-rich experience for lottery enthusiasts. With its extensive range of facilities, this app is set to redefine how users engage with and enjoy the world of lotteries, making it an indispensable tool for those seeking convenience, customization, and accuracy in their lottery pursuits.

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